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April 10, 2006


lol! It looks *amazing* though. Paul, attaching a few cans and a sign saying "you've been canned" will never ever count!


I like it. Very good R3, indeed credit where it is due. Now Paul, as your friend I can offer my services. You know what I am capable of. If you want to unleash me they will never know what has hit them.

Hey R3, quality - I take my hat off to you, if I had one on. I will give you the warning, a quote Bowman gave us, Revenge is the Lord's and I like to be about the Lord's work. I would indeed be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Debs, he keeps saying that. He's telling everyone that. He's full of hot air! Much like all those balloons that were tied to his car in the wee small hours of the morning...


Paul, be afraid. Your office, your car, I think they will wrap yourslef next time...

YES! Glad to see that I will have some people down there to help me pick on you. It'll be great...hopefully my dream wont come true though lol :). Love you...only 54 days Bowman, get excited! O and I have all my money hurray! I love you.

That's a hot trick Bowmeister!!!! Groovy peeps in Saintfield, my hat comes of to you all if I wore one, but I don't!!! Bowman I told you there were nothing but hooligans in and around the Belfast area, LOL!!!! I better keep quiet or I could get hurt. Anywho you deserve it dude, dunno why but you do!!!

All our Love

Mick and Avril

P.S. the above is possible, so don't knock it!!! (LOL)

I haven't left a story here in a while so I thought I would post one, I'm in that sort of mood, wish me luck, kay.......here goes.....I'll start with a title

Mickey and The Penguin Who Flew to The Moon (In a helium filled balloon)

So one day Mickey was walking down Sunset Boulevard are looked down and saw his name in the stars, it read "Mick Daddy, the star of all stars ( and he is really really really ridiculously good looking)" He smiled and walked on! Music then started playing from the street lamps, he looked up and the moon was singing, "That's Amore (that's love)". So Mickey did what any normal human would do, started skipping and dancing around the street, and like magic all these professionally trained dancers started appearing, and with perfect timing started to jive dance with Mickey one at a time is perfecto sequence. It was like it was professionally choreographed by Mickey, but it wasn't, it just happened as it does.

The song came to and end and like all the time, the dancers also magically disappeared behind this giant red curtain!!!

Mickey thought no more of it and started on his merry way again. Then with a great surprise then penguin started waddling towards him, Mickey thought to himself, "this is queer, everybody knows penguins are from San Francisco. Then Mickey remembered the famous british advertisement, P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-PICK UP A PENGUIN, so as any logical human being would.... he picked up the penguin and gave him a piggy-back. they skipped and rolled around the hills together in super slow motion, flipper in hand they laughed and ran to the rainbow and found a big cuddly bear with a huge pot of honey, his name was T-Bear, he loved to get hugged so me and Flipper..........yes I'll call him Flipper, we hugged T-Bear for 21 minutes and 13 seconds.

T-Bear then gave the pot of honey to Mickey and Flipper, and then went on their merry way........................... tra la la la la!!!!! Flipper went to eat the honey but Mickey was having none of it, he slapped the flipper and said "bad Flipper, bad, NO milky bars for you later". They then walked by a factory that made huge helium balloons, and on the window it said, "buy a helium balloon for a pot of honey and a kiss from a penguin". Flipper decided he would sacrifice himself for the good of the team. There was no way Mickey was buying a penguin costume and make-up to get a helium balloon, he has standards people!!!!

Anywho they got the Balloon and grabbed onto the string, they floated up into the air and out of the atmosphere, they had to hold their breath of course, otherwise this story would not be believable or realistic!

They landed on the moon and realised, the Americans DIDN'T land on the moon, and it was made in a studio in the Bahamas!! Mickey and Flipper could breathe. From the distance they noticed these luminous green eyes coming out of the caves, their eyes widened and the creatures got closer. Mickey could not believe his eyes, it was..... it was..... it was penguins. They weren't from San Francisco after all, they were from the moon. Then the penguins, picked Mickey up and started carrying him chanting "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey". they then sat him on a throne.

Mickey looked to his left, and there she was the beauty of Hilary Duff, he nodded his head he was pleased. Mickey then looked to his right and there was another beauty, Avril Lavigne, he nodded his head incessantly, he was very pleased. Flipper then came up to Mickey and told him, he was king of the moon because he was so really really really really unbelievably, ridiculously extravagantly good looking!!! Mickey was in shock not about how good looking the penguin said he was (but he was!!!) but the fact Flipper talked, the whole time he was on earth he never said a word!!

And thus ends the 4th Chapter in my life, tune in on the not too distant future for my next release!!!!

I've never read anything as touching as this! I hope you'll write more stories soon! Love Tereza (without Avril...)

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dats so funni dat neva happened 2 u wen u were at ballysally pres church hahahahahahahahahaha dats so funni i think im gonna fall off mi chair hahahahahahahaha r u gonna get dem bac some day hahahahahahahahaha dats so funni luv ya loads lesley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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